We are Jerry and Tamera, and we are Burson Home Advisors. We treat you with the care and respect you deserve. We view you as a homeowner with a financial need or a challenging housing situation. We care about your goals and desired outcome to help you move on with your life. We will assess your situation, listen to your concerns, and present you with the most profitable, easiest, and ‘no fee’ solution to sell your home to us. We can also provide multiple offers to ensure you make an informed decision that solves your immediate housing situation and sets you up for long-term gain.

It’s that simple – Call us. Tell us what hurts, what you need, and we will give you a VIP experience, a seamless solution, the most attractive offer, and the easiest, fastest real estate transaction that closes on the day you choose.

Our home base is Sarasota, and we buy houses in Anna Maria Island. We have connections and resources to resolve any housing challenge. If your home is in need of repairs, deep cleaning, or decluttering, don’t worry. We will handle repairs, cleaning, and removing unwanted belongings for you.

fair offer within 24 hours

Get an offer within 24 hours

In a sea of homeowners, you will experience being treated like you’re the only one – with care and respect for your unique situation. We listen to why you need to sell and provide you an offer, a solution within 24 hours. No obligations and no fees.

pick the date you to close

Choose your closing date

Selling your house can be stress inducing, timely, and costly. With Burson Home Advisors, you are guaranteed an easy, fast real estate transaction that closes on the day you choose – no surprises. We’ll even clean and repair your home so you don’t have to!

sell and close quickly

Sell and close quickly

You need to sell your home fast – now, in fact. We have you covered. We provide seamless solutions to the most challenging housing situations. We can close in as little as 7 days for situations that qualify.


We Treat You with Care and Respect – Not Like a Commodity

Burson Home Advisors provides the best option to sell your house fast and stress-free. We buy houses in Anna Maria Island to help you solve a challenging situation with no listing fees. No agent commissions. No closing costs. No financing contingencies. No appraisals. We give you a fast, easy closing at no cost to you.

If you are an out-of-state owner, your experience with us will be seamless and stress-free. Regardless of the miles that may separate us, you will be given freedom to part with your home without leaving yours. If you’re living in the home you need to sell, you need not worry about repairs, renovations, or unwanted belongings. Free yourself of the pain of holding onto an unwanted property. Let us make this the best real estate experience of your life! See the side-by-side comparison below:

our cash offer program

Sell your house fast to Burson Home Advisors

We’ll provide you with multiple offers, so you can choose the best solution without the stress of listing with a REALTOR.

  • Best offer within 24 hours – Closing day of your choice.
    Tell us what hurts, what you need. Next, we’ll carefully assess your situation and provide you with a no-obligation, no-fee offer.
  • Zero fees. Zero commissions. No closing costs.
    We charge no fees, no commissions, and we pay ALL closing costs – a typical savings of 8%!
  • No Showings – No Hassles
    We buy houses “as-is,” so there are no open houses, no weekend showings, and no need to fix it up first.
  • We cover repairs, cleaning, and removing debris.
    If your house needs repairs, we’ll handle them. The sale of your home will not be delayed.
  • Ask us about our 100¢ on the Dollar Value Program!
the traditional way

Listing your house with a REALTOR

The resources involved with listing your home adds up.

  • The time it takes to sell your Listed home adds up
    Each day your home is on the market, it’s costing you money. Mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance, and upkeep add up $$$. If you need to sell now, listing your home is not the best option.
  • Commissions, fees, and closing costs stack up
    Homeowners typically pay 6% in commissions/fees, plus another 2-3% in closing costs.
  • Multiple showings and inconvenience takes its toll
    You’re forced to live in a show-ready home and must leave when a potential buyer tours – if they show up! If you’re in a rush to sell, this is a significant disruption to your life.
  • You may be responsible for repairs
    After the Inspection Report comes in, you may be responsible for repairs you had no idea were needed, which could result in additional fees and delays.

We buy houses anywhere in Anna Maria Island and surrounding areas. What matters to you though is that we provide you a VIP experience, seamless solution, most attractive offer, and the easiest, fastest real estate transaction that closes on the day you choose. No fees. No commissions. No repairs. Our direct house buying process is simple.

If you need to sell your Anna Maria Island property, fill out the fast response form above or call us at 941-241-1632.

We care way too much to let you down.

About Burson Home Advisors
  • Avoiding foreclosure?
  • Navigating divorce?
  • Relocating?
  • Upside down in your mortgage?
  • Tax or property Liens?

We buy houses in Anna Maria Island in any condition, under any situation – with care and respect for you and your challenge. Plus, we close fast!

Move on from your troubles. Put an end to the stress and disruption of selling on your own or hiring an agent. Save time, save money, and get peace of mind by selling your home to Burson Home Advisors.

NO commissions. NO closing costs. NO open houses. NO financing contingencies. NO appraisals. NO repairs. NO Realtors!
We buy houses, condos, multi-family developments, and mobile homes in and around the Anna Maria Island, FL area.

We can help regardless of why you want to sell:

  • Avoiding Bank Foreclosure
  • Damage from Mold, Water, Fire
  • Moving Family Member to Assisted Living
  • Too Many Repairs Needed to Maintain
  • Liens or Back Taxes
  • Behind on House Payments
  • Tenant Issues – Tired Landlord
  • Vacant Houses
  • Navigating Divorce
  • Relocating for Job of Life Change
Sarasota Florida

To start, simply fill out the fast response form or give us a call at 941-241-1632. We will present you with the most attractive offer within 24 hours with no obligation, no fees, no hassle. You’ll reach caring professionals to help you navigate your transition with ease.

we buy houses

Tell us about your house. Tell us why you need to sell. We’ll get to work today analyzing your property.

how we make fair cash offers in Anna Maria Island Florida

We’ll prepare profitable offers based on your needs, your situation, your house, and market conditions.

selling your Anna Maria Island house - icon

Next, you choose the selling option that works best for you with no obligation.

Benefits of Selling Your House Fast to Burson Home Advisors

Sell My Home Fast to Burson Home Advisors

We buy houses in Anna Maria Island directly from Anna Maria Island homeowners for cash and the highest profit for you. Sell your house fast without paying fees, closing costs, or commissions.

When we buy houses in Anna Maria Island and surrounding areas:

  • We’ll clean your house – You will not be inconvenienced by showings or open houses.
  • Sell as-is – If your house needs repairs, we will handle those repairs for you!
  • No commissions (and we’ll pay closing costs!) – We don’t charge fees or commissions. Our business model is to help homeowners out of a bind. We make our money long after you’ve moved on.
  • Fully confidential and caring – We provide solutions to Homeowners’ challenging housing situations. It’s that simple: We care! You will not be faced with sharing any information with the public – just us so we can give you a VIP experience, seamless solution, most attractive offer, and the easiest, fastest real estate transaction that closes on the day you choose.

We’ll know very quickly if we can help and, unlike selling through a licensed agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing. We’re ready to buy right now!