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We have redefined the process of Selling Your Home.

Burson Home Advisors buys homes for cash, but we also offer alternatives to purchasing your home. Our Goal: Purchase your home for the most profit to you and the best solution for your situation.

Our Home Sale Concierge Service is one of our top choices among our satisfied clients.

Burson Home Advisors
10% - 20% LESS than List Price*
Guaranteed Concierge Level Marketing
Possible Professional Marketing
  • Market to Hundreds of Local Home Buyers
Guaranteed Concierge Level Marketing
  • Market to Hundreds of Local Home Buyers
  • Market to Hundreds of Nationwide Home Buyers
  • Market to Hundreds of Nationwide Private Investors
  • Market to Hundreds of Nationwide Hedge Funds
Closing Date
Minimum 30 days
Close to Move on Your Schedule
Seller's Closing Costs
You Pay
We Pay
Realtor Commissions
You Pay 5% - 6%
We Pay If Needed
Any & All Fees
You and/or Buyer
We Pay
Is Your Agent a Skilled Negotiator?
Together We Agree on a Set Price
Inspections & Repairs
You Pay and Manage
We Pay and Manage
*Most realtors overprice their seller's homes resulting in homeowners accepting a lower-than-listed price. You will net 80-90% of the true fair market value of your home when you list with a realtor, which includes paying 10%-11% in seller's closing costs plus realtor commissions.

Ask us about our No-Fees Solutions and Home Sale Concierge Services.

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