Burson Home Advisors Reviews

We have built our company’s foundation on our exceedingly high level of care, compassion, and respect for the families we help navigate real estate and housing transitions. Expert analysis and resourcefulness to offer and execute the most attractive outcome for our clients are what get us all to the proverbial finish line. You are guaranteed a VIP experience from start to finish, because we care way too much to let you down.

“Jerry and Tamera are absolutely amazing! They were so helpful and patient with us through the whole process. We highly recommend them and if you have the opportunity to have them on your team you will be lucky! Thank you so much!”

- Theresa Lovelace

“Best duo from start to finish. Made the entire process as stress-free as possible. Excellent communication and support!”

- Heather Childress

“Tamera and Jerry Burson are client relationship specialists. They dedicate themselves to their customers and do not turn their back when situations become problematic. My particular home had unexpected complications causing a series of unpredictable setbacks. Tamera and Jerry became my advocate and committed themselves to exceptional service. I wouldn’t have attained the same rewarding outcome if it wasn’t for their integrity and devotion in pursuing a resolution on my behalf. Their standard of ethics and perseverance is rare today.”

- Ridge Cambria